Adad Joel Warda
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I'm first and foremost a storyteller. In my humble opiniom, filmmaking is the best tool we have for communicating the complex interviewings that create the human experience.

I have a B.A. from San Francisco State University in Film & Spanish. Based in both San Francisco & Prague. Since 2005, I have traveled to over 20 countries worldwide for both dramatic films & client commercials.

I am experienced in directing both actors and non-actors alike; especially those who speak English as a second language. I'm skilled in conceptual & visual storytelling, both writing & directing many of the videos and films I create. I often brainstorm an idea, prepare storyboards & make effective and persuasive presentations. My passion for telling visual stories is a constant in my life. It will endure as long as I do.

I'm also developing an original, dramatic sci-fi, mystery series, which I hope to direct in the near future. Learn more about it at

I combine my efforts with several trusted producers and agenies. And with their dedicated team work, I will bring your story to life!

Kind Regards, Adad Joel Warda

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